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The use of our services implies the knowledge and acceptance of all these Terms and Conditions as well as of the General Conditions. Thus, we strongly advise you to carefully read these documents before subscribing and / or using any services. Compliance with these terms and conditions is a requirement for access and use of our services.

Use of our Services

Go4Mobility will provide the User with a personal access code for the Platform. Additionally, access to the technical description documentation of the programming interface will be made available through a dedicated address for this, which will allow the User to immediately start using the Go4Mobility SMS services through the SkySMS Platform.

The use of our Platform and our Services must be done in a manner consistent with applicable laws, the General Conditions and these Terms and Conditions. Thus, Go4Mobility reserves the right to suspend or stop providing the services to the User, in the event of an improper or nonconforming use with any of the above provisions.

Go4Mobility does not collect or otherwise intentionally processes data from children. Liability for supervising the child, particularly when using technological means, rests with the holder of parental responsibilities.

However, Go4Mobility is committed to immediately delete personal data relating to children, should it be notified by the holder of parental responsibilities of the collection of said data.

All rights on the SkySMS Platform are and shall remain the property of Go4Mobility.

In accordance with the law and these Terms and Conditions, the User is not authorized: (i) to conceal any indication of intellectual property, namely, the brand or contents related to the intellectual property of any area of the SkySMS Platform; (ii) to exploit the SkySMS services, in a manner not expressly permitted by Go4Mobility or prohibited by applicable intellectual property law; (iii) to dismantle the SkySMS Platform in any way, except as permitted by applicable law; (iv) to build links or play through frames the contents available on the Platform or any part of the SkySMS Platform itself; (v) to use any programs or scripts in any way to withdraw data from the SkySMS Platform or unduly overload and / or disable the operation and / or functionality of the SkySMS Platform, or (vi) to seek unauthorized access to the SkySMS Platform or impair any aspect of the SkySMS Platform or its systems or networks.

Conditions for Use and Operation of the SkySMS Platform

What are the conditions of access?

To access the services provided by the SkySMS Platform, your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and of the General Conditions is required, and subsequently a User account will be created.

The User is committed to the truth, correctness and accuracy of all information that he submits. If the information is not accurate, complete or correct, Go4Mobility may prevent the User from accessing the SkySMS Platform.

For reasons of security and protection of the User account integrity, Go4Mobility strongly recommends that the confidentiality of the password is maintained. The User account cannot be transmitted and the User will always be held responsible for the activity of his account.

Go4Mobility cannot be held responsible for any misuse of an account.

It is also the obligation of the User to immediately notify Go4Mobility in the event of unauthorized use or disruption of the Account security.

The creation of an Account grants the User the right of access to the SkySMS Platform and to use its services, according to the General Conditions and these Terms and Conditions.

How does the SkySMS Platform works?

The SkySMS Platform enables the use of the Go4Mobility SMS services by the User who has agreed with the General Conditions and these Terms and Conditions. In this way, the User can access a technologically advanced and reliable platform to take advantage of the Go4Mobility SMS services.

The use of SkySMS Platform implies acceptance by the User of the storage, analysis and monitoring of contents. The purpose of these activities is to improve the services provided to the User by Go4Mobility.

Personal Data Policy

In providing its services, Go4Mobility does not directly access personal data, it receives, and treats said data in a pseudonymised way thus, as a rule, it will not be able the match the personal data and their data subject.

Should any claim or complaint be presented by the data subjects, Go4Mobility shall have access to personal data for that same purpose, in which case it shall treat said data in the strictest and most rigorous compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection General Regulations and other applicable provisions, as well as the Go4Mobility Privacy Policy.

For more information and details on this subject, please see Go4Mobility Privacy Policy.

Provisions on changes and cancellation

Go4Mobility has the right to update and amend these Terms and Conditions as and when necessary.

Any SkySMS Platform software updates must comply with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

It is highly recommended to regularly consult these Terms and Conditions. The continued use of the Platform, after any changes have been made to these Terms and Conditions, presumes full acceptance of all such updates and / or changes.

Any changes made to these Terms and Conditions shall prevail under these Terms and Conditions.

In case of discontinuation or cancellation of the services in the cases provided in the General Conditions and these Terms and Conditions, Go4Mobility will make every effort to warn the User with reasonable notice.

Interpretation and Dispute Resolution

The interpretation and resolution of any dispute arising out of these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Portuguese law. The competent court for the resolution of any dispute chosen by the parties is the District Court of Lisbon, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction.

In the event of a dispute, the User who is a natural person may also resort to any of the following alternative dispute resolution entities, without prejudice to the foregoing:

For more information please consult the Consumer Portal at http://www.consumidor.pt and the European platform for online dispute resolution at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr .

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